Spanish Classes

We are offering Spanish classes taught by Certified native Spanish teachers.
We can go to your place so that you don't have to waste time. Have a look at the following options and choose the right one for you.


You took Spanish at school but you are unable to communicate with so many Spanish speakers living in South Florida? You want to travel to Latin-America or Spain but you are scared of not being able to communicate at all? This is your chance to brush up your language skills and turn them into a fun and entertaining experience. Take some Conversational Spanish Classes and you will start talking another language without even making an effort.


Do not you think it is time for you to improve your business and make more money? The best way to do it in the South of Florida is to focus on a new Spanish speaking clientele. Learn some basic Business Spanish and you will see the difference when you need to communicate with your new customers.


Do you struggle with your Spanish tests and you find Spanish grammar far too complicated? We can help you with your College or High School courses. You will be able to pass your exams as easily as you always pass your favorite subject. Call us now or send us an e-mail so that we can determine your Spanish needs.



Due to a high demand of our clients,
Intertrads is now offering Spanish classes via Skype.
The easiest way to learn Spanish from your coach!!


for Children!!

Do you want your kids to learn Spanish in a fun and entertaining way?
All lessons are focused on childrenĀ“s interests: games, songs, fun activities.
Your kids will start speaking and singing in Spanish without realizing.

Interested in Spanish Classes?

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